NaceCare TGB 1620T Battery Walk Behind 20" Scrubber

NaceCare TGB 1620T Battery 
Walk Behind 20" Scrubber

Product #: 5401621


Our TGB 1620T Traction Drive TwinTec Battery Scrubbers deliver powerful cleaning results with their 16-gallon capacity and a 20" cleaning path. They are built for larger areas while maintaining a compact design. Both models come with 2 x 100 Ahr. maintenance free gel batteries, low voltage shut off and a built-in charger. The 1620T model has added 250-watt traction power drive which is essential if inclines or ramps are involved.
  • 250-watt traction power drive 16-gallon solution and recovery tanks
  • Fully adjustable flow rate
  • Over 3.5 hours of run time powered by 2 maintenance-free gel batteries.
  • Prolonged battery life with low-voltage shutoff
  • Hour meter and battery level indicator
  • Tear-away squeegee with quick-release blades for easy cleaning
  • Convenient, anywhere charging with the on-board charger.